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Bayanat and CR2 Sign a Partnership Agreement for Jordan and Palestine

In their continuous pursuit to provide a full spectrum of state-of-the-art FinTech solutions to their customers, Bayanat signs a partnership agreement with CR2, the world-leading vendor within the Digital Banking Platform market in Africa and the Region.


The strategic partnership puts Bayanat on the lead for providing a best-of-breed Digital, Self-Service & Payments Banking solutions that would enable banks to achieve business excellence, optimize service cost and deliver an enhanced customer experience.


“Bayanat are proud to be CR2 partners and representative in Jordan and Palestine, and expect to increase their market share through offering globally recognized solutions that are trusted by renowned banks across the world.” said Mohammad Tahboub, President and CEO of Bayanat.


Built upon a powerful platform, CR2 Digital Banking Solution – BankWorld – equips banks with a comprehensive framework to offer innovative, cost effective and end-to-end omnichannel, digital customer journeys across mobile, internet, self-service and payments. It empowers banks to quickly design and launch new products and services and deliver an enhanced customer experience that drives retention and revenues.


CR2, a leader in digital banking and payments and a global FinTech solutions provider with business powers over 100 banks in 60 countries across the world. CR2 helps financial service providers to build success around their consumers with technology that supports both customer experience and an ability to deliver with consistency and excellence.


Bayanat, a key player and a major enabler of the Financial Sector Digital Transformation plan in Jordan and the region. Bayanat rich portfolio of FinTech Technologies and Consulting Services puts them on the lead as a preferred technology partner and business enabler for many banks in the region.


Bayanat and IDWise Join Forces for a Smarter, More Secure Digital Onboarding

Bayanat have entered a strategic partnership with IDWise, the leading international provider of Identity Verification and Digital Onboarding solutions. A partnership that comes in line with Bayanat vision for an inclusive offering of Digital Transformation solutions for the banking sector, and reaches out to higher targets in the Region.


IDWise Solution is based on cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning technologies that enable greater trust in the digital economy, prevent fraud and guarantee compliance with local and global regulations. It supercharges the Banks’ remote digital customer onboarding journey through reliable document verification, face recognition and compliant AML and e-KYC functionalities.


“IDWise bring to the table a fully automated, AI-driven, highly accurate Digital Onboarding technology that can dramatically accelerate customer conversion and bring down abandonment rates for Banks”, said Mohammad Tahboub, CEO and President of Bayanat.


Together, Bayanat and IDWise will provide their customers with a secure, scalable platform that delivers consistent, accurate and reliable results and enables them to stay one step ahead of fraudsters with higher compliance and agility.


IDWise, a UK-based operation and leader in the Digital Onboarding and Identity Verification World. An enterprise with global coverage that supports more than 6,000 government issued IDs across 200 countries and territories, with 45+ years of combined experience in developing identity verification and enterprise grade fraud prevention systems globally.


Bayanat, a key player and a major enabler of the Financial Sector Digital Transformation plan in MENA region. Bayanat rich portfolio of FinTech Technologies and Consulting Services puts them on the lead as a preferred technology partner and business enabler for many banks in the region.

Bayanat and Feedzai

Bayanat announce a strategic partnership with Feedzai, a key market leader in safeguarding global commerce and the provider of the world’s first RiskOps platform for financial risk management and fraud detection. 


This partnership comes in line with Bayanat long-term commitment to the Financial Sector to always provide the latest and most reliable FinTech solutions that build a better environment to achieve compliance, maximize opportunities and transact in trust.


“With Feedzai solutions enriching our portfolio, Bayanat are actively contributing to the national and regional direction to safeguard the digital commerce and combat financial crime at all levels.” said Mohammad Tahboub, Bayanat President and CEO.


Feedzai RiskOps masters identity, real-time data, and collaboration across teams for pinpoint risk certainty, reduced internal workloads and greater customer trust. With RiskOps, Banks can swiftly detect and mitigate financial crime using the most scalable, agile and coherent architectures for eKYC, AML and Risk Management to deliver an optimal, secure customer experience.


Feedzai, The market leader in fighting financial crime with AI, coding the future of commerce with today’s most advanced risk management platform powered by big data and machine learning. The world’s largest banks, processors, and retailers trust Feedzai to protect trillions of dollars and manage risk while improving the customer experience for everyday users, without compromising privacy.

Bayanat Launch Bayanat Embrace, a Turn-Key Customer Experience Solution for Corporate and SME Banks.

Bayanat, a leading Digital Transformation Solutions Provider for the Financial Sector announce the launch of Bayanat Embrace - An out-of-the-box, vertical 360-View Customer Experience Solution that is uniquely designed and developed for SME and Corporate Banking. 


The launch came as a direct response to a crucial and immediate need for an integrated, Corporate-Oriented Customer Experience model that connects systems to deliver a complete, end-to-end services to commercial clients without compromising the data security or integrity.


It was evident that, for SME and Corporate banks, the digital customer experience is under served; as corporate clients are engaging in a rather slow, inefficient process that reveals a disconnected flow of information and defragmented environment within the bank systems. This of course reflects on the Relation Managers efficiency and function optimization.


Built on Oracle Cloud CX Platform, Bayanat Embrace provides an enriched, well-orchestrated Customer Experience for Banks’ commercial clients through streamlined, end-to-end processes that are integrated with other banking solutions, topped with effective analytics layer that facilitate a more informative decision-making process. 


Bayanat Embrace provides a modular platform that encompasses tightly integrated components that are built on high-end technologies, including Customer Experience Module (CX), Relations Manager Experience (RMS), Anti Counterfeit QR Module (ACQR) and Analytics Layer. 


With Bayanat Embrace, Banks will be able to lower operational cost, optimize resources, increase market acquisition and achieve excellence. 


Bayanat Extending Oracle SaaS Services to Palestine

Bayanat, a Certified Oracle Fusion SaaS Sales and Implementation Experts and a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), announces the expansion of their Oracle SaaS business into the Palestinian market. 


Building on years of cloud success with Oracle, Bayanat will be working closely with the different market sectors in Palestine to encourage cloud adoption and business enablement, while fostering security, connectivity and risk management at all levels. 


Representing Oracle for SaaS, Bayanat will establish physical presence in Palestine by the beginning of 2022 to better serve the market needs and enhance response times. Bayanat comes in with an existing base on Oracle Cloud clients across Palestine; Bayanat investment will help grow the market share Oracle SaaS and increase Cloud Adoption within the major sectors.


“Bayanat are proud to be the first to introduce the Palestinian market with the leading Oracle Fusion Cloud Solutions based on SaaS platforms, envisioning a bright future of digital transformation and business enablement across the different segments”. Said Mohammad Tahboub, Bayanat President and CEO. “Our partnership with Oracle on these grounds extends our commitment to the Oracle community and enables our potential customers in Palestine to easily reap the benefits of Oracle Cloud. We look forward to leveraging the power of the Oracle SaaS solutions to help our customers achieve their business goals”. 


Bayanat, an accredited Oracle Cloud Partner, Seller and Implementer, is a leader Digital Transformation and Business Enablement Solutions Provider for major sectors in Jordan and the Region. Bayanat come with decades of fruitful partnership with Oracle and have solid capacity in the areas of Oracle Cloud and Oracle SaaS solutions. With Bayanat professional service models, innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies; organizations are swiftly transforming to their most robust business forms to meet the everchanging market expectations, regulations and policies that govern their daily operations and sculpt the shape of their businesses.


Bayanat Participating in JOITED Forum During ‘Expo 2020 Dubai’

As a leading Digital Transformation Solutions Provider in Jordan and a proud member of Intaj; Bayanat are participating in the JOITED Forum that is held during ‘Expo 2020 Dubai. The Jordan Innovation, Tech & Entrepreneurship in Dubai – JOITED Forum is organized by The ICT Association of Jordan - int@j & StartupsJo Council in partnership with the Jordanian Ministry of Digital Economy & Entrepreneurship and Jordanian Ministry Of Investment - Jordan, in addition to the Jordan Business Council in Dubai.


Bayanat will be exhibiting at JOITED booth in Hall 2A South - Dubai Exhibition Center, on 21st of February, 2022.


JOITED Forum will be a great opportunity for participants to learn more about the Jordanian ICT and Entrepreneurship Sector in Jordan, as well as a networking platform between companies, startup leaders and entrepreneurs coming from Jordan, UAE and the rest of the world to participate in this prestigious event.

Ahli Adopts Oracle Cloud in Palestine

In line with their ambitious vision for digital transformation and business excellence, Jordan Ahli Bank (ahli) successfully launched their Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM and Talent Management solutions in Palestine branches in November 2021.


The new implementations enabled the Bank to run its Human Resources and Talent Management operations more efficiently over the Cloud, while providing a more rewarding, personalized employee experience through improved connectivity and accessibility, optimized performance, increased productivity, and improved talent acquisition practices.


By implementing Oracle Fusion Cloud Technology in Palestine, ahli will be able to replicate the business benefits realized in Jordan over the last year, including cost savings on operations and maintenance, increased agility, risk management, disaster recovery, and improved business insight.


Built on their previous success story in Jordan, and with great confidence in the technical experience and business knowledge Bayanat brings to the table; ahli chose Bayanat to implement and support their target Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM and Talent Management in Palestine.


This is a significant milestone in ahli's Digital Transformation roadmap and demonstrates the company's commitment to a long-term partnership with Bayanat.

Bayanat Joining Oracle at LEAP22 in Riyadh, KSA.

A trusted Cloud Partner by Oracle, and a leading Fintech Solutions Provider in Jordan and the Region, Bayanat are joining Oracle in exhibiting at LEAP22 this February at the Riyadh Front Expo Centre, Saudi Arabia.

LEAP is the global platform and unique event for future technologies and the most disruptive technology professionals from around the world. It is where progress is accelerating most, and cutting-edge technologies are getting adopted first.

Bayanat presence in LEAP22 with Oracle comes in line with their direction to extend their Digital Transformation and Cloud Adoption Solutions to the region. Taking a leading step towards the future of the FinTech Solutions in the area, Bayanat will be exhibiting their rich portfolio of Digital Transformation and Business Enablement Solutions for the financial sector, based on the globally recognized Oracle Cloud Platforms.

Bayanat will be exhibiting at the Oracle hub, booth#H1.C20 from February 1 to 3, 2022.

Bayanat Extend Oracle Fusion Cloud Experience at Cairo Amman Bank

In continuation of previous success stories, Bayanat extended the implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud Experience at Cairo Amman Bank (CAB) to cover the Tendering and Supplier Management process; a major step towards running a complete, highly performing Procurement Solution with the comprehensive benefits of Oracle Cloud SaaS technologies.


The extension covered the implementation and integration of Oracle Fusion Qualification Management Cloud, Oracle Fusion Sourcing Cloud and Oracle Fusion Supplier Portal Cloud Service.


This phase was built on the original Oracle Cloud implementations by Bayanat that included Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials, Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain, Oracle Fusion Cloud CX Sales, Oracle Social Cloud Services, Oracle Data Management Platform (BlueKai), Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, Oracle Fusion Cloud Talent Management, Oracle Talent Acquisition and Learn.


With Bayanat superior experience and their outstanding models for Oracle Fusion Cloud Extension services, CAB were able to swiftly transform into the new Tendering and Supplier Management business model to gain an edge towards a better Cloud Experience and an infinite world of digitization.


The Oracle Fusion Cloud Extension project was completed successfully in March 2021 by Bayanat, CAB’s long-standing Digital Transformation Partner and an established Oracle Cloud Service Provider in the region.

Bayanat Continue to Lead Successful Oracle Cloud HCM Projects for the Banking Sector

With a solid track record of continuous success in the arena of Oracle Cloud (SaaS) solutions in the Banking sector, Bayanat marks a new achievement by completing Al-Etihad Bank Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM implementation.


The project covered the implementation of Fusion Goal Management Cloud Service and Fusion Performance Management Cloud Service, as well as functional and operational enhancements of Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, Time & Labor and Oracle Payroll.


The new implementation allowed the bank to unify HCM process across the employee lifecycle, and fully automate an enriched end-to-end human experience through deploying best practices for better connectivity and accessibility, immediate insight and clear visibility, collaboration and increased agility.


Bayanat was chosen by Bank Al-Etihad to accomplish the foreseen success swiftly and confidently for the excellent experience and solid knowledge they showed in previous engagements, and for being the leading Oracle Cloud Service Provider in the Financial Sector in Jordan.