Using visual and context sensitive user interfaces, 21CC Interactive Learning Platform provides an adaptive, personal talent development journey and helps track skill acquisition for existing and prospect employees. It not only provides skilled resources to organizations but also addresses the re-skilling and up-skilling of the employees as organizations transform and evolve.


Designed to track integration of the learning content and trace early adopters, the platform enables proper Capacity Planning and Change Management through linking talent development to performance and career goals for each employee; contributing to a more rewarding Employee Journey.


With an interactive, user-friendly display of contents, 21CC makes learning compelling and fun.


Bayanat Embrace

An out-of-the-box, vertical CRM Solution that is uniquely designed and developed for SME and Corporate Banks. Built on Oracle Cloud CX Platform; Bayanat Embrace provides an enriched, well-orchestrated customer journey for commercial clients through end-to-end streamlined processes that are tightly integrated with other back- and front-end banking solutions.

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