Analytics and Business Intelligence is no more a form of luxury, it’s an utmost necessity for any business success. Nowadays, decision makers, analysts and executives expect to have secure access to real-time, intelligent data analysis and visualized insights that assist them in their day-to-day decision making and reporting process.

Oracle Analytics Cloud offers the most up-to-date technology for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide business insight that is based on all sides of the truth, real-time reports at the fingertips of decision makers and improved productivity of teams that are empowered with time-sensitive knowledge, all through authentic, secure online channels.

Bayanat provide Analytics and Digital Reporting Solutions on top of their back-end solutions including ERPSCMHCM or CX; adding an essential layer of Business Intelligence and Smart Analytics, through the powerful features of data visualization, automated data preparation, embedded analytics, instant insights, predictive analytics, mobile analytics, self-service analytics, as well as the publishing and collaboration tools.

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Bayanat portfolio for the Financial Sector spans the wide spectrum of Digital Transformation Solutions that facilitate business enablement on different levels.

  • Cloud Adoption

    Helping financial organizations transition to Oracle Cloud in multiple models…

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  • Digital Payments

    High-end Digital Payment Solutions, enabling banks to run secure, reliable financial services…

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  • Integration and Orchestration

    A better control to bridge the gaps between systems, applications, and data sources…

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  • Analytics and Digital Reporting

    Empowering decision makers with clear insights of the future and intelligent analysis of the past…

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  • Business Process Automation

    Simplifying application workflow orchestration to deliver critical, timely business services…

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  • Consulting Services

    Including assessment, enhancement, cloud, migration, extension, support, and training

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  • Managed Services

    Managing software infrastructure components and standard processes over the applied Oracle Applications…

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