Designed to automate business processes and capture data across multiple systems of different technologies, GoAutomate BPA Platform uses AI, machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing to provide a suite of intelligent automation services to help companies achieve operational excellence.
GoAutomate BPA Platform includes many artificial intelligence features so process developers can get up and running quickly with advanced intelligence capabilities. including:
  • AML & Fraud Compliance - Anomaly detection and advanced name and address matching algorithms to automate AML and sanctions validation and financial transaction fraud
  • Payments Modernization - ISO 20022 and MT103 messages can be interpreted, analyzed and processed
  • Document Intelligence - Using natural language to process complex legal documents and contracts


Bayanat Embrace

is an out-of-the-box, vertical CRM Solution that is uniquely designed and developed for SME and Corporate Banking. Built on Oracle Cloud CX Platform; Bayanat Embrace provides an enriched, well-orchestrated customer journey for commercial clients through end-to-end streamlined processes that are tightly integrated with other back- and front-end banking solutions.

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